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bk_dressing's Journal

Baten Kaitos Dressing Room
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All Members , Moderated
The Baten Kaitos Rps dressing room
For all Baten Kaitos characters worldwide, this is the place to interact between members of the all-too-small fandom.
Whether your char is from another rp, here to train before posting in another rp, or just there because BK needs more love, this place is for you.
Rules of LJ rping apply: Make a character journal and only post role-playing entries here unless otherwise indicated. Any questions come directly to me (LittleLinor). Your userinfo should include the name and lj of the person playing said character.
Also, only BK characters (canon, AU, gender-bended, older/younger, cross-species, ANYTHING). Fan characters (non-canon family, etc) have to be submitted to me first.
You are allowed two characters for now. More will come if this works.
Entries that might bring a huge plot twist also come to me before being submitted.
Please don't troll/spam/insult others/malpercio knows what else.
NSFW is allowed (within reason) BUT please edit your first entry of the thread with a warning if a thread degenerates.
Any questions, send a message. (don't post an entry, let's keep things clean)